How to Save Money

Louisiana is one of the toughest states when it comes to driving without insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance the officer who has pulled you over is authorized to physically remove your license plates from your vehicle on the spot. If you don’t provide proof of insurance within 3 days your license plates are physically destroyed.

The list of penalties only gets worse from there. Rather than risk the ire of the state of Louisiana for driving without proper car insurance, perhaps it would be better to look for ways to save money and get discount car insurance in Louisiana that you can afford each month.

Let’s start with your garage. Did you know that if you can park your car in a garage at night that you will save money on your car insurance every single month?

If you make arrangements for your car insurance premium to be paid automatically each month out of your checking account then you will also save money.

If you can drive less you will save money. Is it possible for you to use public transportation for most of your needs? If you can keep your driving to under 500 miles per month you may qualify for a special Low Mileage Discount.

If you carpool to work you can save money on your car insurance. Let your agent know that you are driving only half as many times to work and back each month as your were before and you will get a discount on your insurance every month.

If you retire or if you stop driving back and forth to work at all then you will save even more.

Don’t file a claim unless you feel it will be worthwhile; if you are claim free for six to twelve months you may be entitled to a Good Driver Discount.

Some insurance companies will lower your rate if you purchase a steering wheel locking device or add some other low-cost anti-theft device to your car. Talk to your agent about your options.

Young drivers need to stay in school and they need to work hard and get good grades. Young drivers can save a surprising amount on their car insurance each month simply by maintaining a “B” grade average or better.

Find group car insurance. Group car insurance is sometimes offered to employees, but if your place of employment doesn’t offer group car insurance ask at any clubs, groups, organizations or associations that you or any of your friends or family belong to. Many organizations offer low cost group car insurance.

If you are married designate the wife as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver. Women pay less for insurance and having the wife designated as the primary driver will save money.

Can you afford a larger deductible? Increasing your deductible is a quick and easy way to lower your monthly car insurance payment, but don’t get carried away and promise to pay more for your deductible than you can actually afford.

Buy your car insurance online. Buying online almost always saves you money. But don’t make car insurance price comparisons on just 1 website – if you really want to save money and get discount car insurance in Louisiana then you’ll need to take the extra time to make your comparisons on at least 3 different websites.

Also – enter the exact same information onto the forms on all 3 sites. This is the only way to compare the same car insurance policy on every websites and that’s the only way to really save any money.

But as soon as you’ve made the comparisons on 3 different sites then your work is done. You’ve done your research (you’ve read this article) and you’ve made your comparisons on 3 different sites, so all that’s left is for you to pick the best price you found. That’s it. That’s how you save money and get discount car insurance in Louisiana.